3M-Janitorial Resilient


We all know that resilient materials are some of the most popular flooring choices available today. They are durable, easy to install and cost effective, but we all know they have a tendency to scuff, stain and pick up black marks easily.

Maintaining the shine with conventional acrylic finishes requires frequent stripping with harsh chemicals to remove buildup. The 3M™ Resilient Floor Protection System changes everything. It's engineered to maximize the beauty and safety of resilient floors, while making day-to-day maintenance fast and easy.

I have listed some of the key features of the system below along with links to more information.

  • Features an exceptionally durable protector that's four times more
    resistant to abrasion than acrylic finishes and dramatically reduces
    the need for stripping chemicals.
  • The revolutionary 3M™ Easy Shine Applicator Kit can slash application labor costs by as much as 70%.
  • It's a complete, sustainable system for making resilient floor care simpler and more cost efficient.
  • Initial hardness also builds 40% faster than acrylic finishes, so you can return your floors back to use sooner.
  • Resilient Floor Protector can reduce your chemical usage by up to 60%
  • 3M floor protector chemical formulations are zinc free and low odor.

I have included links to more information below and if you would like to discuss pricing or order samples you can use the link below.