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Metered aerosol has been around forever, and it shows. They are clunky, messy and bad for the environment. Metered aerosols only provide an 'ideal' experience about 20% of the time. If a user walks in right after it sprays, it's overwhelmingly strong. If they walk in 5 minutes after it sprays, it can't be detected. There is a very small...

Takeout and Delivery have changed for the foreseeable future. As this segment has now become the driving factor in the restaurant experience, demand for larger meal portions and family style entrees have increased.

Whether it's creating queues for waiting areas or making lanes in your aisle ways, you want your visitor and employee safety to come first.

Now more than ever we will all need to figure out ways to do our everyday duties faster and more efficiently. Preparing floors with the SPP Plus pads gives you the ability to remove the top dirty layers of floor finish with only the SPP pad and neutral cleaner, eliminating many steps from the traditional floor prep process. By eliminating...

As we begin to re-open and return to normal, we all know takeout will be a very important part to your business. It will be of utmost importance to maintain the same quality and experience as your customers have come to expect from dining in. Do not let the delivery process change or negatively effect the quality of your food,...

As your local 3M representative for New England it is my job to keep you informed on which 3M disinfectants meet the U.S. EPA's emerging pathogen policy.

As your local 3M representative here in New England I know that when most people think of griddle cleaning they think of grill bricks and scorched fingers. Well did you know that 3M offers A powerful griddle cleaning liquid safe for use on food contact surfaces? Quick Clean Griddle Liquid quickly loosens and lifts carbonized grease and food soil...

As your local Claire representative here in New England I know that when most people think of oven cleaners they think of expensive name brands. Well did you know that Claire offers both a Grill & Oven Cleaner as well as a Heavy Duty Foaming Oven Cleaner?

When most people think our brand they think of vinyl or nitrile gloves. Well now there is something with the best of both worlds.

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When most people think our brand they think of our retail product line but did you know that those same high quality can also be used in public places?