WipesPlus Multi-Task Dry Wipes


The WipesPlus Multi-Task Dry Wipes stand out with their innovative features tailored to enhance convenience and efficiency. With an enclosed lid system, these wipes prioritize hygiene by minimizing the risk of cross-contamination, a crucial aspect for someone like you who values cleanliness and organization.  Additionally, these wipes maintain their efficacy over time, with an impressive 30-day effective parts per million (PPM) duration. Notably, these wipes contribute to a substantial reduction in water usage, chemical consumption, labor, and linen costs, demonstrating their practicality and alignment with your interest in sustainable practices. Whether you're camping or overseeing technological advancements, these wipes offer a smart and efficient solution.

  • Enclosed lid system to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Utilizes current dilution system and chemicals.
  • Only change chemical when refill roll is depleted.
  • Durable, non-quat binding wipes.
  • Maintains effective PPM for up to 30 days.
  • Substantial reduction in water usage, chemical usage, labor and linen costs.

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