Break Up with your Grill Brick!


Dear Grill Brick,

We've been together for years. You're all I ever knew, and I thought you'd be the best I'd ever get, but now I know there are other options. I've tried to make it work, but realized nothing you can do can make things right:

1. You've burned me once too many times.

2. I'm tired of putting in all the work.

3. You make this relationship too difficult.

4. I feel like I'm constantly cleaning up after you.

5. There's an undeniable odor when you're around.

6. Whenever I touch you, my hands get dirty.

7. You're so cheap! I guess it's true when they say you get what you pay for.

8. I'm embarrassed to show you to my friends.

9. I put in so much time, but get nothing in return.

10. You don't understand what I need.

It's over! I've found a better match for me, so I'm moving on to something better: the Scotch-Briteā„¢ Quick Clean Griddle Cleaning System.

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