3M Surface Preparation Pad Plus


Now more than ever we will all need to figure out ways to do our everyday duties faster and more efficiently. Preparing floors with the SPP Plus pads gives you the ability to remove the top dirty layers of floor finish with only the SPP pad and neutral cleaner, eliminating many steps from the traditional floor prep process. By eliminating stripper chemicals you will be able to not only save time in this process but will be able to eliminate the use of very caustic, time consuming and dangerous chemicals.

On average stripper chemicals need 20 minutes to dwell before you could start agitating with a swing machine/stripping pad, removal/disposal of the slurry and then you need to neutralize the stripper to make sure there is no residue left over. With the SPP Plus you remove the layers of floor finish quickly, safely and apply floor finish immediately after.  

The easy way to prep your floors to shine

  • Save time: 2 times faster finish removal than competitive floor pads when worn
  • Less Clogging: Open fiber construction reduces the need to stop, remove and rinse the pads during use
  • Fewer chemicals: effective with just water and neutral cleaner. No stripper residue to clean up
  • No fragrance
  • Easy to Use: Use with auto scrubbers, swing machines or rectangular floor machines. No backer pad needed
  • Long-lasting: Replace less often than competitive floor pads. Both sides of the
    pad can be used.

If you would like to be personally contacted to discuss any of the features, pricing or schedule a demo at your facility you can use the link below.