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In todays world, saving time and labor costs are more important than ever.

Whether if it is a safer, more effective replacement for traditional stainless steel scrubbers or a grill cleaning system that is 40% faster - 3M has some innovative products that can do just that.

HEX Series

Kitchen staff spend hours scrubbing through burned on food and grease among other soils. This is a dreaded and time consuming job that requires a lot of "elbow grease" when using the wrong tools.

The HEX scouring pads are designed to quickly and effectively cut through baked on or burnt on food, leading to less time spent at the sink.

They are also a safer tool than traditional stainless steel scrubbers as they do no leave behind pieces of metal that could contaminate. 

Quick Clean Griddle Cleaning

Cleaning a flat top griddle with traditional methods like screens and caustic chemicals can take up to 20 minutes.

Our solution can help increase operational efficiency by reducing the time it takes to clean the griddle by up to 40%.

Our Quick Clean Griddle Cleaning solution can help prevent burns and exposure to strong chemical fumes providing a safer and healthier environment for employees.