Anchor Crisp Food Technologies


As we begin to re-open and return to normal, we all know takeout will be a very important part to your business. It will be of utmost importance to maintain the same quality and experience as your customers have come to expect from dining in. Do not let the delivery process change or negatively effect the quality of your food, in order to ensure repeat customers for months and years to come.

Crisp Food Technologies Containers Maintain Food Texture and Temperature with unique, patented, convection cross-flow design that relieves moisture and condensation while maintaining food temperature. Through-the-closure ventilation and raised airflow channels in the bottom of the container, combine with venting in the lid to ensure fried foods remain crisp.

Consumers want the same taste experience at home as they do in person!

  • Maintains food texture and temperature for home delivery
  • Fried foods remain crispy for 30-minute delivery
  • Perfect for fried foods: chicken, fish, wings, fries, and more
  • Withstands temperatures to 230°F; heat lamps, warming units, microwave

If you would like to discuss pricing or order samples you can use the link below.