Anchor Packaging Family Meal Solutions


Takeout and Delivery have changed for the foreseeable future. As this segment has now become the driving factor in the restaurant experience, demand for larger meal portions and family style entrees have increased.

Anchor Packaging has a full line of Microwavable large format containers to help increase your sales in takeout and delivery. We have all shapes and sizes along with AntiFog lids to allow the best possible presentation of your meals! 

Let us know what products you would like to see and trial today! 

Consumers want the same taste experience at home as they do in person!

  • Anti-Fog Clear Lid ensures Food remains fresh & appealing for the just-made look
  • High Heat Performance to 230°F, Heat Lamps, Microwavable
  • Secure Closure Eliminates messy spills; lid remains closed during handling and transit
  • Consumer reusable and eligible for recycling curbside

If you would like to discuss pricing or order samples you can use the link below.