Claire Oven Cleaners


As your local Claire representative here in New England I know that when most people think of oven cleaners they think of expensive name brands. Well did you know that Claire offers both a Grill & Oven Cleaner as well as a Heavy Duty Foaming Oven Cleaner?

Our CL826-GRILL & OVEN CLEANER is a heavy-duty formulation that works on grease, caked-on foods and other cooking soils. For daytime application or overnight cleaning. This formula penetrates, emulsifies and holds the soils so you can wipe the surface clean with water. The thick gel clings to vertical surfaces - no running, no dripping.

  • Spray On - Clean Off!
  • Cleans Caked Foods, Grease, and Other Foods.
  • Works in minutes or overnight.

The CL824-HEAVY DUTY FOAMING OVEN CLEANER is a high foam, heavy-duty formula that is an effective cleaner which is safe on porcelain, ceramics, stainless steel and cast iron surfaces. It quickly cuts through heavy grease, baked on foods and carbon stuck to oven grills, hoods and drip pans. The heavy-duty foam provides excellent cling time allowing the active ingredients to work deeply into thick grease build-up.

  • Institutional strength
  • Works in minutes
  • Quickly cuts through heavy grease, baked on foods, and carbon stuck to ovens, grills, hoods, and drip pans

If you would like to discuss pricing or order samples you can use the link below.