Dial Fit


When most people think our brand they think of our retail product line but did you know that those same high quality can also be used in public places?

Available in Touch-Free or Manual and Ivory or Slate colors. Getting FIT means you don't have to choose between a high capacity dispenser or a compact foot print.

I have listed some of the key features of the system below along with links to more information.

  • Smallest area of any 1L or larger
  • Collapsing refill guarantees full utilization of formula
  • Elegant Design inspired by award-winning DialĀ® bottle
  • Easy Fill Level Check
  • Thick, rich foam from our state-of-the-art pump
  • Precise activations from the energy efficient engine
  • Clean, efficient operation thanks to the patented Clean Tip Technology

If you would like to discuss pricing or order samples you can use the link below.