Fresh Products Offering Free 30-Day Trial Odor Control Program


Provide a superior customer experience by filling your empty urinals and stalls!

We're offering FREE urinal screens and Eco-Air clips to exclusive customers to trial for 30 days.

Wave 3D

  • Releases billions of optimized bacteria and more than twice
    the fragrance as competing urinal screens over 30 days to
    keep the urinal and restroom smelling fresh.
  • Protrusions on both sides of the screen significantly reduce urine splashback
  • Unique design eliminates installation error and installs both ways without sacrificing splash reducing performance.

Eco-Air Clip

  • Attaches to a variety of surfaces and its small size
    makes it easy to hide
  • 2-sided design packed with 2x the fragrance
    of competing clips
  • 100% recyclable - part of the only US-based closed loop
    recycling program

To set up a FREE 30-Day Trial
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