Fresh Products - Restaurant Air Care


Cleanliness is such an integral part of a customer's dining experience and it's hard to undo a lousy image for bathroom upkeep. 50% of people say they will never return to a restaurant if they have a negative bathroom experience because the see the restroom as an indicator of cleanliness in the kitchen. To compound that, half of those restaurant patrons who have a negative experience with a bathroom - from dirty toilets to grimy soap dispensers to bad odors - will blab about it to friends and family.

Don't let a few pennies cost you a customer. Put as much care into your bathroom maintenance as you do into your food to provide the ultimate dining experience for your customers. All of these Fresh Products eliminate odors for 30 days! 

  • Wave 3D
  • Eco Bowl Clip

  • Easy Fresh

  • Bio Conqueror 105

If you want to get your hands on some samples or want to know about pricing use the link below.