Fresh Products Slant 7


Now more than ever Safe Facilities are Clean Facilities. Odor is the first indicator that something is not clean. Slant7 urinal screen with Terminator Technology kills bacteria that cause odors at the source.

Slant7 offers 30 days of coverage along with a date tab system to remind you when to change it. Because it is double-sided there is no chance of an installation error.

If you are ready for the next big thing then try Slant7 with Terminator Technology today!

The Smart Solution

  • Kills bacteria that cause odors - Exclusive Terminator Technology kills bacteria that cause odors.
  • Keeps restrooms cleaner - Patented 2-sided design eliminates urine splashback better than any other urinal screen.
  • Freshens longer & stronger - Packed with up to 5x more fragrance than other typical 30-day urinal screens

If you want to get your hands on some samples or want to know about pricing use the link below.