Fresh Ultra Beads


I know that most people think restroom aircare products when they think of Fresh Products. However, did you know that we also offer Non-Para block options?

Fresh strives to always bring the best solutions to market, so with one of the main ingredients in the Non-Para Super Block becoming difficult to obtain and doubling in price, we knew we needed something better. The answer is Ultra Beads. Ultra Beads will replace the Super Block and is not only effective, but costs less, too. 

Now that summer is really starting to heat up this is the perfect product for some of the more problematic areas such as dumpsters, sewers and other garbage collection areas.

  • Freshens up to 60 days
  • Professional strength for commercial odors
  • More versatile than the Non-Para Super Block
  • Less Bulky
  • Cost effective solution
  • Available in Herbal Mint, Cherry and Wintergreen

I have included links to more information below and if you would like to discuss pricing or order samples you can use the link below.