Ourfresh 2.0


Tired of putting up with the wet sticky residue of metered aerosols? Then put up OurFresh 2.0.
Metered aerosol has been around forever, and it shows. They are clunky, messy and bad for the environment. Metered aerosols only provide an 'ideal' experience about 20% of the time. If a user walks in right after it sprays, it's overwhelmingly strong. If they walk in 5 minutes after it sprays, it can't be detected. There is a very small window when it's just right, so why pay for a product that only works part of the time?

Ourfresh 2.0 dispensers and refills have been strategically designed to provide premium performance. That means users have a great experience every time because of its consistent dry fragrance release.

Upgrade that outdated metered aerosol system with a cleaner, modern, more effective Ourfresh 2.0.  

  • Dry Fragrance Technology
    Liquid-free, leaves no sticky residue
  • Eco Friendly Refills
    100% recyclable and are VOC compliant
  • Superior 30-Day Performance
    Smart chip technology runs the fan intermittently, turning longer as the 30 days progress (the fan does NOT run continuously)
  • Easy open/close side hinge
  • Easy to Refill: Hang 6 ft. high in the center of the space; no need for a ladder
  • Private label ready (min. qty required)
  • Reduced program runs when lights are off to ensure
    consistently fresh space

If you want want to know about pricing or order samples use the link below.