Pan Liners


Operating a business is no simple task, and turning a profit is getting more difficult in part due increased labor costs. There are all kinds of contraptions that claim to cut labor costs; many of them have expensive upfront investments and take a long time for the ROI.

However, reducing labor costs doesn't always involve complex systems with hefty upfront costs. Sometimes the simplest products and solutions are best - something like pan liners.

Pan liners are a great way to reduce labor and material costs because it eliminates the need to clean out pans after every use. The liners are easy to remove and don't leave any food residue in the pan. 

No example is perfect, but here's a case where one restaurant was using HD Liners for their 18 x 14" pans. Here's a quick breakdown on how quickly the savings can add up using simple math:

Cost Savings for Pan Liners 
Hourly Wage - $12.00 
Minutes to Clean a Pan - 4 
Number of Pans - 5 
Cost of Scrubber and Soup per Pan - $0.03 
Cost to Clean Pans - $4.15 
Cost per Pan Liners - $0.12 
Cost of Liners per Day - $0.60 
Savings per Day - $3.55 
Days Open - 355 
*Annual Savings - $1,260.25

*Does not include benefits or payroll tax savings.

  • Grease goes into the trash, eliminating clogged drains
  • Eliminates dried out and burned on food, improving food quality
  • Cost effective
  • Cuts cleanup time in half
  • Food won't stick to pan
  • No sticky, burned, or colored pans
  • Tear and puncture resistant

I have included links to more information below and if you would like to discuss pricing or order samples you can use the link below.